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The kettlebell is a ball with a handle attached to the side.  Think of a cannonball with a handle stuck to one side.  The kettlebell is made out of cast iron or Steel but it can be made of other compositions. Some are vinyl coated and some even have rubber shells on the outside. There is a flat section on the bottom of the kettlebell so it will stand upright when left on the floor.  The handle is in the opposite position to the flat bottom of the bell.  The horns are attached to either side of the handle as well as attached to the ball.


How to care for the kettlebell

The kettlebell is very durable but the main concern is rust on the outside of the bell if your bell is constructed of cast iron or other metal. Unless you have one that is stainless steel like the ones Steve Maxwell has, then keep your kettlebell's on a rug, rubber flooring, any type of mat or flooring that will keep the kettlebell directly off the floor. You never want to leave the bell directly on a concrete floor, especially in a damp basement or a garage and outside on the lawn. Needless to say the bell won't disintegrate being left outside, it will just get a slight rust to it and loose the sheen. If you do the kettlebell will eventually look like this....


Uh Oh

  a   a  
Showing some rust
a Clean Kettlebell

That is rust. These are my very first set of kettlebell's I purchased in 2001. I left them in my garage sometime in 2003. They are getting worse so what I did was to get some very light steel wool and work it over and over on the entire surface. Then I wiped them down with first a wet towel then immediately dried them off.

If you have ones that have a rubber shell on the outside the danger is in cutting or ripping the outer shell covering the ball. Keep them away from any sharp object and work on a padded floor area instead of a hard or concrete floor.


  Kg Lb
Pink 8 18
Blue 12 26
Yellow 16 35
Purple 20 44
Green 24 53
Orange 28 62
Red 32 70
Gray 36 79
White 40 88
Silver 44 97
Gold 48 106

The FEDORENKO Kettlebell

The Fedorenko Kettlebell is a professionally designed Kettlebell. It is always the same size and dimension no matter what the weight. This consistency in the bell gives to constancy of technique which is so important for the high reps. As you move up in weight you don’t have to readjust for the different size bell. It always will lay the same on your arm in the rack and across the heel of the hand. The handle size ( NAKF rules state: "the handle of the kettlebell can be no less than 35 mm (1.38 inches) in diameter or 110 mm in circumference (4.33 inches)" 4 3/4" across; 2 3/8" top to bottom (inside measurement) allows for the proper position in the hand and where the bell lays on the hip of the hand and the cradle of the arm. The handle is smoother there-by being less abrasive to the hand. The shape of the bell and it’s center of gravity allow you in the clean to keep the elbow into the iliac crest and the bell it self in a cradle between the biceps and forearm which all together combine to protect the deltoids, elbows and shoulders while doing many repetitions.

A lot of slingers will use chalk on the handle especially if doing a few hundred snatches as snatch's can tear the hand up. Also one might smooth the metal handle somewhat with different materials such as grinders, emery paper or steel wool. You do not want a perfectly smooth handle as the chalk will not adhere to it and it is also harder to control the kettlebell if too smooth.


Shown above here are two 12kg

Above are two 8kg Kettlebells

The size of an AKC Pro Grade bell is always the same no matter the weight.

So as you move up in weight you don't have to adjust the technique too fit the Kettlebell.



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